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Choose your pricing plan

  • Starter

    Every month
    Best for businesses with a smaller budget
    • 2 posts per week / 8-10 posts per month
    • Monthly Strategy Call
    • Content Calendar
    • Tailored Design
  • Boost

    Every month
    Giving your platforms the BOOST they need.
    • 4 posts per week / 16-20 posts per month
    • Monthly Strategy Call
    • Content Calendar
    • Tailored Design
    • Unlimited Platforms
    • Monthly Report
    • Keyword Research
    • Hashtag Research
  • Performance

    Every month
    Giving the perfect performance and seeing big results.
    • Daily Posting
    • Monthly Strategy Call
    • Content Calendar
    • Tailored Design
    • Unlimited Platforms
    • Monthly Reports
    • Keyword Research
    • Hashtag Research
    • Competitor Insights

    Every month
    Frequent stories lead more viewers to your profile
    • 1 Daily Story to Facebook and Instagram
    • Improves Reach
    • Builds Brand Awareness
    • Develops Audience Attachment
  • Engagement

    Every month
    Communication is key
    • Twice Weekly Engagement
    • Comment Replies
    • Hashtag Engagement
    • Profile Engagement
    • Location Engagement
  • Marketing Must-Have

    Every month
    • 1 blog every month
    • 1 Newsletter/Marketing Email every month
    • 4 Social Media Posts every month

Social Media is a world of its own

- Done right, it can be amazing for your business.

- Done wrong, it can be catastrophic!


You may try your absolute hardest to keep your socials going, and for that we commend you - it is not a quick job and there is no finish line!

Or you may be completely flustered and overwhelmed at the thought of touching social media because you don't know what you might end up doing!

No matter which boat you are in, we can help!

Whether you want a bit of training using our 1:1 Social Media Coaching Class, or you want someone to take on full management of your platforms, we've got you.


1-1 Social Media Coaching

Not everyone is ready to hand over their social media accounts but they also don't know how to make the most of their platforms themselves; this is where our Social Media Coaching comes in.

Our 1-1 coaching sessions teach you all you need to know to manage your social media platforms yourself, in the RIGHT way for your business.

Courses are made up of an initial two 1-1 coaching classes with homework between them, with flexibility on the speed you want to complete your coaching and additional classes available depending on how in deep you want to learn.

Book your first session below!

Social Media is the most influential place in the world!

You discover things you never knew existed and come across things you wish you never saw or read. 

We can learn a lot from Social Media, and this is what your customers want from you; to learn something new.

You want the content you provide to be interesting and engaging, and make them want to keep coming back for more. They will hopefully start to follow you and then they will keep seeing your content, and when they are ready they will most likely make a purchase or use your services.

This is the ideal situation, but it doesn't happen by itself. Consistency is key.


Social Media for business requires a different train of thought than personal social media accounts. The target and process are different, and you need to pre-plan and research to run an effective business profile.

Whether you already have an online presence or need to set it up from scratch, we are here to manage every aspect of your social media, ensuring your business is perfectly showcased and is reaching your target audience; therefore converting them into paying customers!

Newsletters and Blogs

Keep in touch with your email list, communication is key in keeping their interest in your business.

Get your blog created and published as frequent as you require.

We can send out 2 newsletters every month to your mailing list, and create you a new blog every month to add to your website!

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