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EleVAte - Virtual Assistant

Bringing productivity to your business and balance to your life!


What is EleVAte - Virtual Assistant Services?

We are a strong team of highly skilled virtual professionals who specialise in supporting businesses and entrepreneurs in creative industries with their administrative, marketing, social media, design and business support needs. It is our mission to solve your problems, leaving you some peace of mind, and giving you more time to make the most of other things in life.

Contact us today to see how our services can benefit your unique needs.

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How can we help you?

Our skilled and talented team is skilled in a wide range of services, meaning you can put all your eggs in our basket!


What sets us apart from other virtual assistant businesses?

We are driven by passion to rescue business owners from an unhealthy work-life balance, or prevent them reaching that point. We are an extremely strong team, each with our own unique strengths, giving us the tools to serve our clients in abundance. We are hard working, dedicated and highly skilled professionals, who give business owners the freedom to do what they love.

Solid Team of Experts

Every member of the EleVAte team has been carefully selected, not only by the quality of work they provide but also by their values and work ethic. It is important to us that every team member is hard working, loves their job and takes pride in everything they do. 

We have a three-point review system, meaning our work is checked throughly and improved during each stage to give our clients the best finished product.

Our Values and Mission

Our Values are at the centre of all things EleVAte, it is why we do what we do and the reasons we provide high quality work.

Our mission is to rescue business owners from feeling overwhemed with all that comes with running their business, giving them better productivity therefore aiding growth and balance in their business and their lives.

Our motivational team take a positive approach to every task leaving our clients feel relieved of stress, knowing we can help with their workload, drive their business forward, and give them more freedom.

Years of Experience In Creative Industries

Jess, owner and founder of EleVAte, was born in to dance. Her mother has owned her dance school for over 30 years and has seen the highs and lows of being a Principal. Being a teacher herself, she has seen the struggles and the joys first hand, therefore knows exactly how to help our clients.

Our team member, Anna, is also a dancer and teacher, and ran her own school for over 10 years.

With our inside knowledge of the industry, you know you are able to trust us to do things how they should be done, as we have industry experience at our advantage.

Our Values

Growth   Positivity  |  Productivity  |  Creativity  |  Balance

Best Seller!


For Dance Schools

What is the Dance School Enrolment Automation Sequence?

This is a slick system we set up to streamline the enrolment of students to your schools and academies.

From enquiry to sign up, each step is automated, including trial registrations and no shows. All leads are kept organised and their progress can be tracked effortlessly.

This automated system means your leads are kept informed and encouraged to join your school, representing you and your business in a professional manner. Leads are not missed or lost, and you don't have to type and send the same emails over and over again, saving you time and relieving your stresses.

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Join Us For Free

We hold monthly Business Support and Networking Meetings, at 12:00 - 12:30 PM on the first Tuesday of every month.

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